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This sling kit is the 1" less expensive variation of our 2" URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling.  It can do everything that the 2" version can do, however it uses the less expensive 1" wide tubular webbing.


This revolutionary sling quickly converts from a Two Point Sling to a One Point Sling.  It allows the operator to choose which configuration will suit them best.  The One Point Sling configuration is more beneficial in urban areas where increased weapon articulation is needed, where as the Two Point Sling configuration will work best in rural areas with open fields of fire. The conversion can be completed in less than a minute.  This sling can be installed onto any weapon system.  The main sling body is universal to all weapons.  What makes it specific to each weapon system are the adapters that connect to the weapon. (This narrow 1” version of the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling is better suited for lighter weapons due to having less weight distribution properties.)

Applied to any weapon with front and rear sling attachments, the 1” URBAN-SENTRY will secure your weapon similar to common 3 point tactical slings, but without the excess webbing that runs along the rifle.  This modular design allows the sling to be attached to any weapon system using the various available weapon specific adapters.  Each sling comes with two adapters that you select based on your weapon specific sling attachment points.

The weapon will remain tight against you while stowed, however it is ready to be deployed in an instant.  To engage a target, simply grab the Dynamic Break Away Strap Lock, turn it perpendicular to the webbing and slide it to he rear to rapidly release the sling to its pre-configured length.  To re-cinch the sling, simply grab the Cinch Strap folded webbing tab, and push it away from you thus cinching the sling down tight like the shoulder straps of a backpack.  The ability to secure the weapon tight against your torso during hand to hand combat is a critical factor when choosing a sling, especially in rural areas.  If you are alone, and your backup isn’t close, the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling configured into Two Point mode, or into Single Point mode with the optional Weapons Catch Adapter(0-16) will secure the weapon tightly for better weapon retention.

This sling also benefits snipers, scouts, and hunters, which have to climb obstacles to get into position.  In the event that a secondary weapon transition is necessary, the slung weapon will fall to your offhand side, barrel pointing down, ensuring a clear path to your secondary weapon.  The best feature about the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling is the ability to convert it from a Single Point Sling to a Two Point Sling. You will have peace of mind knowing that your sling has the versatility of both types of slings. 


This video demonstrates our 2" E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit.  Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter.  The basic concept and weapons management techniques are the same though.



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    Great 1” PS90 Tatical sling

    Posted by John Roberts on Mar 25 2018

    I purchased the 1” urban-sentry 2 point/1 point hybrid sling because I wanted one that was compact and easy to store for my PS90 SBR. I have several 2” slings and like them but at times they can be too wide when wearing a chest rig. I received the unit very quickly and it was well packed. I had a question about the sling and gave them a call and they were able to help me over the phone with the questions I had. I would highly recommend this sling and any other they sell due to the quality of the webbing, shipping, and customer service.

    If your looking for a sling for your PS90 SBR or full length barrel PS90 and like the 1” slings, then this is the one for you. They also have it in the 2” if you prefer the wider unit. Watch their videos for installation and assembly instructions.