Frontier Pro™ Ultralight Water Filter System (Military Version)

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The Frontier Pro™ ultralight water filter provides all the benefits of a larger bottle filter in a compact size. Straw style filter attaches directly to water bottles or bladders and attached cap keeps mouthpiece clean. Flexible “Integrated Strap Grip” secures cap to filter when not in use and allows for easy cap removal. Bite valve can also be removed to use as hanging drip filter. Replacement pre-filters lengthen filter life. Filters up to 50 gallons. This unit is a necessity for Bug Out Bags / Go Bags. It allows you to filter water on the go when you don't have time to stop. • Antimicrobial • Removes Giardia, Cryptosporidium and E. Coli • Ultralight and Compact • Portable and Easy to Use • No Wait Time 1. Bite Me™ Valve 2. “Porous Plastic” Filter with Miraguard™ Technology 3. Pre-Filter - Replacement filters included in package 4. Universal 28mm Thread Adapter 5. Tube Adapter - draw tube included Use the Frontier Pro filter to drink from any water bottle, cup, hydration system or directly from water source. The Frontier Pro filter will remove 99.9% of Giardia, Cryptosporidium and other contaminants down to 3µm. Activated Carbon helps reduce waterborne chemicals and improves the taste of filtered water. Miraguard™ Antimicrobial technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media. If viruses or smaller bacteria are suspected, use in conjunction with Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets. To remove harmless carbon dust on initial use: 1) Attach filter to water container as shown on front of package insert. 2) Pull on cap strap and position the cap to the side of the filter. 3) Pinch Bite Me™ Valve between thumb and forefinger and squeeze water container to force water through the filter and out the valve. When the water stream is clear, the filter is ready for use. NOTE: Flow rates may be slightly reduced and suction a little difficult, on initial use due to entrapped air in the filter matrix. Flow rates will improve as the filter media becomes thoroughly wetted. Easy to Use: 1) Attach to water container as shown on front of package insert. 2) Pull on Cap Strap and position cap to the side of the filter casing. 3) Bite on valve and suck to draw water through the filter. To Remove/Replace Prefilter Pellet: 1) Screw off Prefilter Adapter from the base of the filter casing (Fig 1). 2) Pull the prefilter pellet out of the adapter cup (Fig 2). 3) Place a new prefilter pellet into the adapter cup (Fig 3). 4) Screw the Prefilter Adapter snuggly onto the base of the filter casing. To Remove/Replace Bite Me™ valve: 1) Using your thumb and or forefinger, push up from the base of the sheath to remove the sheath from the valve (Fig 4). 2) Once the sheath is removed pull on the core insert to remove it from the boss (Fig 5). 3) The filter is now ready to be used in a gravity flow/drip system. 4) To replace Bite Me™ Valve, press the core insert into the boss until it bottoms out on the rim of the boss. 5) Wet the inside surface of the sheath and press it over the insert and boss until it bottoms out at the base of the boss. 6) Position the sealing rim of the sheath so that the “button” protrudes slightly above the rim of the sheath. To Set up a Gravity Flow “Drip” System: 1) Remove the Bite Me valve. 2) Attach Frontier Pro to reservoir. 3) Hang the reservoir with the filter at the lowest point and allow gravity to force water through the filter. 4) Increased distance between the reservoir and the filter will improve drip rate. To store filter for extended periods: 1) Remove and discard the prefilter pellet. 2) Remove Cap and Bite Me™ valve sheath 3) Allow to air dry at room temp. (Min. 48 hours) 4) Insert a new prefilter pellet prior to next use. DO NOT FREEZE. Freezing a wetted filter may damage the filter media and compromise filter integrity.