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How would you like to pay less than $2 for your sling.

How would you like to pay less than $2 for your sling.

Don't have the cash to get your sling? Well we have a deal for you. If you are interested in paying less than about $2.00 face value for your sling system with free shipping, Please give us a call after 6pm eastern (317-223-6509).

We are now accepting any .999 one ounce circulated or uncirculated fine silver dollars, (Silver Eagles, Morgan Dollars, Etc...) We are also accepting junk silver (pre-1964 90% silver) dimes or quarters.


Average Sling price of $60.00 depending on the day's spot price of silver and what you want to order from our site, would require that you send us about two .999 fine one ounce silver dollars, or about 10 pre-1964 90% silver quarters, or about 23 pre-1964 90% silver dimes. Again, this would all be calculated once you decide what you want to order and call us to determine what type of silver coinage that you have. Once we come to an agreement, you go to the post office, and send us the coins secured in a plastic baggie, via USPS Priority Mail in a solid USPS Priority Mail Flat rate envelope that can be traced, and once we receive your coins, we send your sling out to you at no additional cost. It's that simple. With today's economy circling the drain, we find it necessary to help our customers obtain high quality slings for their weapons the old fashion way. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.