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Impeach Obama !

Impeach Obama !

One needs only look at Obama’s policies and actions and not what he says. Policies of which that have not only violated the constitution of these United States on numerous occasions but ignored the very legislation they created. He unilaterally modified actual legislation by fiat executive orders to which he is by law prohibited from doing, for instance the very own socialist legislation the political left created as in the Affordable Health Care act, you know, the one "we have to pass to see what is in it"! Pelosi's words... The one that the Unions promoted and now want no part of. You should know that once legislation is created, the executive branch has no legal standing to modify it, or enforce only parts of it. If the executive branch wants it changed, they have to wait for the process just like the rest of us. Obama can NOT by executive fiat change the law to suit his agenda or to provide political favor to some institutions that he likes and ignore others. He has no jurisdiction to modify legislation. He has by mandate, policy, and direct order refused to enforce immigration laws. (Stand down orders to ICE), NFA laws (Illegal trafficking in firearms with Mexican cartels to create a false sense of firearm anarchy leading to the death of federal law enforcement agent Brian Terry), failure to support foreign ambassador missions abroad and lied for political reasons ( terrorist attack in Benghazi and subsequent denial and refusal to send reinforcements to save the lives of our ambassador which were under attack for over 12 hours, and the security personnel that were brutally murdered as a result of this blatant negligence), IRS targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exempt Status (you know, the scandal that they keep spewing is a conspiracy theory, even with 100% empirical proof that it happened!).


I’m sure I have forgotten to mention a few of the copious amounts of scandals that have occurred under this rogue administration, or the socialist policies he has created. A child could see all that is going on and take it for face value with no political agenda and see this president and his administration are purposely trying to bring our country to it’s knees.


Do your own research. Don’t take any of the above for face value. Do your own research! And when you do, and you don't also come to the conclusion that this president is not doing everything in is power and outside the realm of his authority to "Fundamentally Transform The United States of America", then you are ignoring the facts.

His actions have become so transparent in the last two years that one has to be a complete idiot or refuses to believe that the socialist ideology they believe in is a pipe dream and has failed miserably measured by hundreds of millions of murdered lives in the history of our world. I mean, what about taking from those that earn it, to give to those who haven’t isn't socialism or Marxism. His whole past is surrounded by fundamental social Marxists. Every single person in his past.  

"From those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs."  Karl Marx. 

The sad thing is that you have a choice. You can open your eyes and believe what is true and understand that he is a threat to this nation and our system of checks and balances, and freedom, but by admitting the truth you commit intellectual suicide and in doing so start over and be honest with yourself, or you can keep your head in the sand and ignore the abundance of facts that are everywhere and claim you had no idea what was coming when your children and grand children no longer have the freedom so many have died to preserve. Your choice, it’s coming, it’s just a matter of when, not if!