Pistol Magazine Belt for 20 Magazines for double stacked pistol magazines. (*Currently only available in OD-GREEN)

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(*Currently only available in OD-GREEN)

This is the premier 20 magazine combat pistol magazine belt tested and manufactured to better retain twenty double stacked magazines for your go-bag. This belt can be used as a bandoleer or cinched down tight around the waist. Perfect to keep in your trunk to just grab and go if you don't have a long gun. We specifically make this model with heavy duty 2" elastic which will retain the magazines far better than any other. By using the heavier 2" elastic, and only bar-tacking a 1" wide stitch with bonded 69 nylon thread, we are able to manufacture the two components so that the magazines are still very easy to insert. This method of storing the magazines is far superior to using a dump pouch which prevents the user from consistent reloads. The magazines can also be oriented in the bandoleer by round type by opposing them to each other. Perfect for specialty munitions. The Belt loaded with 20 Glock-17 magazines with 17 rounds each weighs 12 lbs - 6 oz. Glock 17 Total Rounds=340 Glock 22 Total Rounds=300 Not recommended for the Glock 21 as the elastic is too tight. Please call 317-223-6509 for specific applications if you are not sure about fitment.