(QD TRIGLIDE) 2 to 1 Point Triglide for rapid change two to one point.

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The 2 To 1 Point Triglide allows you to rapidly convert your URBAN-ERT URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling from a two point into a One Point Sling, on the run, when extra maneuverability is required and then back to a Two Point for extra stability or when carrying the weapon. The 2 To 1 Point Triglide allows you to leverage the best of both sling types. And it’s the ONLY transitional sling device designed to function with any Push Button Quick Detach Sling Swivel. (Our QD Jumbo Button Adapters 0-04) You simply reach forward, push in the button of the QD releasing the front adapter from the QD socket, then bring it to your shoulder, and plug it into the QD Triglide thus transforming our URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid sling into a One point without having to reconfigure the sling. Made by Impact Weapons Components in Colorado from USA made 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum: •Incorporates a QD Socket designed for use with ANY Push Button Quick Detach Sling Swivel. •Also works with HK Type Hooks and Mash Hooks. •Directly attaches to the non-elastic shoulder side locking speed tab of our URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling when configured as a two point sling. •Ultra-lightweight 2 To 1 Point Triglide design weighs only .20 ounces. •CNC machined from Billet 6061-T6 aluminum. Hard anodized Type III per MIL-A-8625F. •Easily installed and simple to follow instructions supplied with 2 To 1 Point Triglide. If you purchase with our URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling it will be installed for you. •NO GUNSMITHING. •100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. PERIOD. Return for full refund including your shipping charges. •MADE IN USA; including Aluminum. •IWC’s MOUNT-N-SLOT products are MADE BY AMERICANS in COLORADO. In order to understand why IWC designed the 2 To 1 Point Triglide, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of slings on the market. A One Point Sling is so called because it only attaches to the rifle at a single point, at the rear of the lower receiver using an end plate. The One Point Sling has the advantage of allowing the rifle to transition quickly and easily to either the strong or weak side shoulder with no adjustments. They also tend to allow the operator to move to any shooting position without adjustment (like standing to prone). The main weakness of the One Point Sling is that it allows the muzzle to swing like a pendulum if the user has to take their hands off of it. Two Point Slings attach to the rifle at 2 points; one at the front of the rifle and one at the rear. As dynamic as a properly configured Two Point Sling can be, it still can’t match a One Point Sling for maneuverability. The 2 To 1 Point Tri-Glide allows you to reconfigure your sling as a One Point or Two Point on the fly to deal with the specific situation you’re facing, using the sling that you already own. This falls inline with our traditional E-RUSH rapid change two to one point sling without having to actually get the E-RUSH Sling.


This video shows you how to install the QD TriGlide onto your URBAN-SENTRY Two Point Sling.



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    QD Triglide works great

    Posted by Jim Moran on Jul 25 2018

    I liked the QD on my H&K 5.56 Urban ERT sling so I converted my Remington 870 and my CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Urban slings to the same setup. Works great.