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Made of high quality black rubber, this is an exact copy of the grenade launching recoil pad made by the Russians and Bulgarians. It will fit most milspec AK buttstocks, including: * Most European and Chinese wood or plastic milspec stocks, all calibers. It will also fit Romanian thumbhole stocks and Romaninan FPK (Dragonov type) rifles. * * East German and Romanian side folding stocks, including Polish Tantal side folding stocks. “Krinkov” style side folding stocks from Bulgaria and Russia. * All underfolding stocks, including Polish, Russian, Chinese, and the newly available Yugoslavian underfolding stocks. * K-VAR U.S. made plastic buttstocks. It will NOT fit Yugoslavian wood buttstocks or many thumbhole type sporter stocks. A black Velcro fastener is included for use on “Krinkov” style stocks. (The original Russian/Bulgarian unit uses a leather and buckle strap which does not strap as securely). When creating the mold for this part, I decided to make the recoil pad fit tighter. If you already have an original grenade launching recoil pad, you will notice that the FSE made pad fits more securely on all stocks, with virtually no wobble. This is the MOST effective recoil pad that you can currently put on your AK type rifle. The wide rubber base and recoil absorbing design makes shooting all calibers more pleasant. Remember, this was originally designed to help absorb the recoil of a grenade launcher! Unlike other recoil pads, this has an original military look, and requires no alteration to your rifle. You can install and remove it in seconds. Put it on at the range for shooting comfort, and take it off after shooting to return your rifle to its original look. This recoil pad also increases the length of pull by about ¾ of an inch, making it great for shooters with a longer reach. I always use this recoil pad when shooting my NFA AKs on full auto. Made in the U.S. but does not qualify as a “U.S. part” for 922(r) purposes. Dimensions: approximately 1.5” x 5.5” x 2” Weight: 4.8 oz.


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    quality product/good customer service

    Posted by Daniel on Sep 20 2019

    There was a question about the order and I submitted an email. They called back the same day and resolved the issue. Great customer service.

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    Good Product

    Posted by Clary on May 30 2018

    Fit my Yugo M70 AB2 like a glove. Helped with recoil quite a bit. I would recommend this buttpad.

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    Zastava N-PAP DF Recoil Pad

    Posted by RETPSP on Feb 28 2018

    Slid on to the butt stock with out any issue. Fight is tight, has a slight increase in pull (may not need the strap). Safer and much more comfortable than the bare wire. When folded, the stock locks in place with the pad installed. No modification needed.

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    Recoi pad

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 19 2018

    Fits well, like it.

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    ak recoil pad.

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 16 2018

    Fit perfectly on my underfolder.

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    Best Ak recoil pad I've found.

    Posted by Ohlongarm on Jul 20 2017

    I bought three,one for my Zastava underfolder,fits snug and sure soaks up the recoil makes shooting a pleasure. Also put them on on my Russian Ak Vepr,makes length of pull perfect for me,almost no recoil felt on the Russians.And the shipping on all three purchased was second to none had mine within three days. This product is the real deal and I highly recommend it. Ohlongarm.

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    Great product and a great value

    Posted by Todd Roat on Oct 18 2016

    Well made, tight fit (a good thing!) and works wonders on my Polish underfolder AK.

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    Excellent product

    Posted by Jom Wilson on Mar 26 2016

    After shooting underfolders all day, my shoulder getting the beat down lol I saw this recoil pad & wanted to try it out. Turns out to be the best thing I've done for awhile! I thank the maker of this recoil pad! As a bonus, it gives you 1" more of stock length. Buy this and you will not be sorry !!

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    worth the money

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 13 2015

    Put onto a vz2008 folding stock. Fits perfect. Texture keeps it snug on your shoulder. Significantly less felt recoil.