Resisting Law Enforcement Hazard Shirts !

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It shouldn't even have to be said!  But apparently the behavior of today's culture which is propagated by the liberal left mentally ill media, and the nanny state proponents require labels on everything in our daily lives.  Gone are the days of common sense and personal responsibility for the individual.  The idiotic and mentally ill leftist morons suggest that nothing is ever the fault of the individual.  It is somehow society's failure that the criminal committed the crime.  They come up with psychological excuses for every misdeed and crime that is committed.  We have become a society where it is normal to take and do what you want when you want.  It has somehow now become the fault of the victim, and it is now our responsibility to provide the recipient class and their families with free iPhones, among other so called "free entitlements" thus propagating the decline of our civilization.  


And God forbid if the victim fights back for any reason, including a cop who is attacked which can also be the victim.  Yes, when a criminal attacks someone, no matter who that person is, whether it be a 16 year old girl, a 71 year old elderly man, a fireman, a cop, or the Vice President of the United States of America having his house shot at, they become in FACT victims!  

Yes, the private residence of the Vice President of the United States of America was shot at over the weekend of the 17th of January 2015.  So, Vice President Biden then becomes by de facto the victim of that criminal act!  


NOW!  I can guarantee you one thing for sure.  Had the Secret Service assigned to his residence actually observed the shooters in the act, they would have reacted with a violence of action reserved for military combat!  And in this case the media would have praised them.  Rightfully so.  But for some reason most victims who fight back are condemned as gun nuts, or right wing extremists.


So.  Lets call it what it is!  Criminals are criminals, & thugs are thugs, and thugs are deserving of being treated in real time with equal and or an increased level of force by their victim or someone willing to act on the victim’s behalf.  

For instance, in Ferguson Missouri, street thug Michael Brown is captured on video committing felony strong armed robbery.  He is confronted by the store clerk at the door, again on video, and he then proceeds to assault the now true victim to take what he wants, yes again on VIDEO! 



He and his criminal accomplice Dorian Johnson, who was later proven to be a complete and utter liar about what transpired after the felony strong armed robbery they had just committed, were then shortly thereafter stopped by Officer Wilson to be investigated for not only the crime they committed but initially for walking down the middle of the damned street impeding traffic. Dorian Wilson gave a false statement to investigating police about what transpired after their robbery.  A FALSE STATEMENT OF WHICH I MIGHT ADD IS STILL THE FALSE NARATIVE BEING HUSTLED BY THE LEFTIST MEDIA AND RACE BAITER NON-REVEREND AL SHARPTON, AS WELL AS THE SO CALLED NON VIOLENT PROTESTORS, AND MICHAEL BROWNS FAMILY! The false narrative that Dorian Johnson was pimping was that Officer Wilson attempted to pull the 6’4” 300lb Michael Brown through the window of his patrol vehicle.  Johnson stated, “The second time he says, ‘I’ll shoot,’ a second later the gun went off and he let go. That’s how we were able to run at the same time.” Johnson told USA Today that “the officer pursued Brown and fired another shot, which struck Brown in the back.”  It was also reported that Michael Brown attempted to surrender by putting his hands up!  ANOTHER BLATANT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three separate autopsies, as well as the forensic evidence, as well as other eyewitness testimonies proved this 100% completely false narrative to be a blatant lie!  But, the liberal leftist media as well as the race baiter non-reverend al sharpton whom should be in prison for not only tax evasion, but inciting riots (emphasis on his name being in lower case), as well as the VIOLENT protestors, as well as michael brown’s family, and more importantly MILLIONS of moronic lemming useful idiots and reverse racist anti white, anti Law Enforcement, non peaceful shitheads continue to 100% ignore the facts, the forensic evidence, as well as eyewitness testimony, as well as a grand jury decision that without a doubt proves all of their claims to be nothing but lies.  The truth never has, and never will suit the agenda of the leftist. 

Here is the character of Michael Brown!  A thug!



In my opinion, Michael Brown received a punishment commensurate with his actions!  He committed a vicious attack on a police officer and tried to take the officer’s firearm to use against the officer whom was acting in the capacity of the color of law.  Quite simply put, when you viciously attack a police officer and try to take his gun, you have now committed a deadly force offense!  PERIOD!!!  Expect to be subsequently ventilated and walking towards the light!  And it will most certainly be a red light with a downward slope and increasing heat!  Sucks to be YOU Asshole!  Because like Officer Wilson, and every other Police Officer I know, I plan on going home at the end of my shift!  There is no nice way to put it, and I refuse to adhere to the bullshit politically correct disease that has permeated the American culture.  For some people they just need to be shot in order to convince them that their vicious attack will Not be tolerated.



Now, I have been a Police Officer since 1998.  I have treated everyone that I have ever come into contact with, with nothing but the upmost respect and fairness.  I don’t give a shit what color you are, or how much money you do or do not make.  But, when you start to lie to me, or you start to disrespect me, or disrespect the victims that I am trying to assist, or you become violent, I will speak to you in a language and treat you in a manner commensurate with your behavior and actions that you can most certainly associate with, as well as relate to in order to get your behavior back into line with what society has deemed to be appropriate.  Once you get the big picture, everything goes back to normal.  I can attest that 99.99% of all police officers that I know and work with are the same way.  So, for these race baiters, leftist hacks, and anti law enforcement anarchists to lump all of us police officers into one group, accusing us of unspeakable things to further their damned agendas, I, -WE take offense to this.  We as Police Officers are willing to sacrifice everything to help you!  And this is how you treat us.  I promise you, that when you are in trouble, we, are who you call for help!

I don’t now, and never have considered myself to be an enforcer of laws. I don’t now and never have considered myself to be a controller of the masses.  I have always and will always consider myself to be a protector of the citizens I serve, as well as more importantly a protector of the US Constitution.  I will protect the citizens from shithead criminals, as well as unconstitutional actions from not only other rogue or ignorant officers, but from any unjust government at large!  Which in my opinion has become nothing but a politically correct bloated top heavy out of touch bureaucratic nightmare, feeding on our country like a virus from the inside. 

So the next time you see a police officer, think about what they stand for.  Yes, there are a minority of Nazi Police Officers that will blindly follow unconstitutional orders as well as be more than happy to violate your rights just because they think that they can.  But, for every one of those ass clowns, there are many more of us that are there to protect you.  So in closing, for the leftist lemmings, useful idiots, and those who need a warning label, please do society a favor and proudly wear this t-shirt. Wear it so that you can get what should be the overwhelmingly obvious and succinct message across to them, since the media, and nanny state is too politically correct and too scared to do their damned job! I guess we will have to do it for them.


These high quality t-shirts are made by Beefy T’s.  They are very nice and should hold up to countless days of delivering the message.

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