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The SIG-556 Pistol Three Point Tactical Single Point Sling allows the tactical operator to manipulate the weapon at virtually any angle, and around any corner in any situation on any weapon system. With this specifically designed configuration, it allows for a VERY NICE CHEEK WELD FOR WEAPON STABILIZATION. The SIG-556 Pistol Sling also allows the tactical operator to maintain the weapon in close proximity to their center of mass. While the PSRT is in the forward position, the weapon is kept nice and tight. With the PSRT slid to the rear, a flawless cross shoulder transitions can be performed to expose the minimum amount of your body to the threat, and obtain a nice cheek weld with the sling. Once the SIG-556 Pistol sling is adjusted to fit what ever kit you have on, you can rest assured that this unique pistol is always at the ready. Features: The bonus is the ability to transform this unique sling into a fully functional three point sling with only one hand in a single action. You don’t have to release a buckle to transform the sling and you don’t have to worry about fumbling around trying to reconnect the buckle with both hands. The operator simply needs to grab the "Slide Release Tab TM" at the sling where it intersects with the webbing running along the side of the weapon and pull it to the rear of the weapon. The sling is now a fully functional single point sling with some of the same features of the URBAN-SENTRY single & two point slings. To transition the sling back into the 3 point tactical configuration, you simply grab the Breakaway buckle assembly that is in front of the "Prussik Slide Release Tab", and again with only one hand, slide it towards the front of the weapon. Now you have a fully functional three point tactical sling. The PSRT “Prussik Slide Release Tab TM” has been configured to prevent the assembly from accidentally sliding to the rear under the weight of the weapon. The weight of the weapon actually aids in creating the tension required to keep the sling in the desired configuration. This sling also features a break away buckle to get out of the system all together. This sling can be configured to work with any weapon.




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    Urban ERT Slings

    Posted by Ferdinand Gagni on Dec 11 2019

    Perfect fit for my Sig 556 pistol. Can do a 2 or 3 point sling. Helps with steady aim by pushing pistol forward and could rest cheek on sling as well. Would definitely recommend.

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    Posted by Charles Heinrich on Apr 19 2019

    This is my 2nd sling from Urban ERT. And I absolutely love them! Tough and reliable. They have a customer for life. Thank you for such a quality product!

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    Sig P556 Must Have

    Posted by Jeff on Feb 7 2018

    This 3-point sling was everything I thought it would be, having watched the videos on it in the past, specifically; Sig P556 Pistol - Just A Novelty? by theKGB65. H/T to theKGB65 for cluing me in

    Performs as expected, just installed today and can't wait to get to the range to try it out there. Wish I had bought it immediately when I got this pistol.

    It really does have a well thought out design, imho. Slide action works great, fits the weapon, feels good and comfortable to wear while letting the sling take the full weight of the weapon, looks good too. Like the stowage sleeve idea too. Helps to clutter the gun safe or to deploy from say a gun case or vehicle instantly.

    As stated I have not been to the range yet, but you can feel that you are going to be a much more stable shooter using the sling as a brace and cheek weld.

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    Supremely well designed sling for the perfect functioning of the Sig P556 pistol

    Posted by Assad Raffoul on Oct 20 2017

    Have had the Sig P556 for many years, was shooting it with 2 hands without the desired accuracy. This sling took the place of the shoulder stock completely. The pistol is now a complete rifle without the benefit of a shoulder stock. The sling hugs the cheek and the forward pressure of the arms renders the weapon ONE with the body, with absolute control. Red Dot is placed on the target with absolute control and steadiness. i can easily say this sling improved the accuracy of the weapon ten fold.
    I think this sling as a must for anybody with this wonderful little pistol. i do recommend it whole heartedly. Wish I was introduced to this weapon sooner.

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    Applied To Sig 556 Pistol

    Posted by Roy Calvin Brasel on Feb 13 2017

    Worked great after making the proper adjust ments

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    good for 556 swat

    Posted by NG on Nov 14 2016

    works well with 556 swat rifle, the connector at back is a little smaller so doesn't have the same glide as the P556 bu still workable.

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    Best Option for Large Style Pistols

    Posted by KP on Sep 19 2016

    Great on a Draco AK Pistol and CZ Scorpion or any stock less style short barrel style pistol. Still need to try on an AR pistol. Just the right length to use as brace since there is no stock. Better than an arm brace since it doesn't add weight or length, but still could be use in conjunction with a brace.

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    for lefties

    Posted by rick auger on Apr 16 2016

    i had my doubts about how this would work for a left hander and sure enough had trouble....however instead of attaching the way they show it on video I attached both ends to back and worked like a charm.

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    Nice sling

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 2 2016

    Very well designed. It's a good thing you have the how to install video =).