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The KRISS Super V typically does not come with the necessary sling attachments to connect a sling to it.  You can get the factory hinge pin QD, hinge pin swivel, or hinge pinch attachment.  The problem with the hinge pin replacement sling attachments is that the webbing or clip that connects to these type of attachments tends to rest right where the folding stock wants to close thus preventing the stock from quickly being locked into place.  Another very common problem with them as well as the hinge pinch attachment is that the sling adapters fall inline with the sight picture this obstructing your sight picture.  

The best attachments that we have found to work with the KRISS, both front and rear are the Magpul RSA.  We recommend that you get two of them to mount to the Kriss Super V's top picatinny rail.  You will mount the rear RSA just in front of the rear back up iron sight, and mount the front RSA just behind the front flip up iron sight.  The webbing adapters from our KRISS sling attach directly to the Magpul RSA and allow the weapon to hang perfectly while not obstructing any of the weapon's functions.


On January 7th, 2008, URBAN-E.R.T. SLINGS, LLC was awarded the contract to manufacture the Cross Branded 1" URBAN-SENTRY KRISS SUPER-V Single Point Sling. In April 2007, URBAN-E.R.T. SLINGS, LLC began talks with TDI & assisted in the design of the rear receiver sling plate for the KRISS. This consultation grew into a solid foundation for the cross branding of our one inch URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling. The SUPER V Single Point Sling is the one inch variation of the two inch URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling which was released in mid 2006. The SUPER V Single Point Sling will have the same ability to be converted from a one point sling to a two point sling right out of the bag just as it's two inch big brother. This allows the end user to select at any time how they want to carry this revolutionary new weapon. The sling is made of 1” tubular MIL-W-5625K webbing & quality National Molding hardware. We are very excited to participate with TDI in this endeavor, and look forward to a healthy business relationship and a prosperous future.


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    My Sling, My way

    Posted by JOHN on Mar 15 2017

    This sling is exactly what I was looking for for my Kriss vector, the fit is comfortable and allows a quick adjustment. Wide variety of attachment options, to which I created my own. Shipping was incredibly fast, received two days from placing the order. Awesome sling, awesome company, Very satisfied.

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    good but not how it looks in pic

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 26 2017

    in the picture it looks like the sling attaches to the stock where pivots but it does not come with that Hardware the sling is good quality comes with extra straps and loops

    The picatinny rail mounts seen in the photo are the optional RSA's that you can add to the order on this page. The KRISS Super-V comes with no sling attachments from the factory unless you order them.

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    Posted by Shane Brazil on Jun 26 2015

    GREAT sling, GREAT price. All American made, heavy duty, can be single point or dual. Really glad to see military and law enforcement involved in the company, I am both a veteran and a law enforcement officer of over 36 years.

    I just purchased a Kriss Vector, installed the sling and fired it today. All I can say is WOW! A great combo, the ERT sling provided me a very stable shooting platform for the weapon.

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and Screw Obama and his minions!!!!

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    Solid construction

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 23 2015

    Overall I like the product. The only detractor I have for it, is the width of the strap itself. If you are not wearing tactical gear or a heavier over coat, the strap will definitely cut into your shoulder and neck if you are wearing it a long time. I took it to the range and wore it for about 2 hrs and by then end of it the strap was very uncomfortable. I will probable see if I can get something after market, but for $108 with the two rail attach points it could be improved. Either come with the wider strap or just widen it at its pressure point. Otherwise, solid and I like it.

    This sling kit is the original KRISS Super-V 1" sling kit that TDI wanted to market. We recommended the 2" wide version of the same sling since the weapon is heavy with ammo. We recommend our 2" Basic RUSH Sling with the Webbing Adapter for the rear and the MASH Clip that comes with the kit for the front. It allows you to carry the weapon in two point and then rapidly transform the sling to a one point when needed. Search RUSH on our search field at the top right of the website.