3-Point Sling RSU- Rear Stock Universal Harness 0-19

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The 3-Point Sling RSU (Rear Stock Universal) Harness is constructed of heavy duty thinner Mil-Spec W-43668 T/3 webbing, and ITW Ghillie-Tex low IR hardware. The 3-Point RSU can be utilized along with the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling's main body and Side Assembly (0-18) to reconfigure your components into a three point sling for full stock weapons. If you have a standard handguard, you will need the FGU (Fore Grip Universal) harness part number 0-20. If you have an existing front sling loop, you will need the HK style metal clip. This kit is available in black, od-green, foliage green, and coyote tan and Coyote with Foliage Hardware. Please with any questions that you may have about your application at 317-223-6509 anytime after 6pm eastern.