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The three point sling is a sling design that came to fruition in the 80's due to the need for something other than a standard carrying strap for marching in parades.  It was at it's time way ahead of the game for utilizing the sling as a shooting aid in going hands free and keeping the weapon close to your torso in front of you.  The other issue was that there were not many weapon accessories to attach a sling to the side of the weapon instead of underneath the weapon.  With the advent and proliferation of certain weapon sling attachments new sling designs such as our modular URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling and E-RUSH Sling (Enhanced-RAPID/URBAN/SENTRY/HYBRID) in 1998, we began to see the phasing out of 3 point slings.  The benefit of our sling system is that you have the ability to utilize the sling however you would like to.  You can leave it as it’s two point sling design, or it’s single point sling design.  If you get our E-RUSH Sling kit, you can use all three modes of operation that it is capable of and rapidly transform the sling from a two point to a one point sling without having to remove and reconfigure the sling.  This sling design allows the tactical operator in Law Enforcement, or the Military, and even the civilian shooting enthusiast to train with a sling setup that they can configure into their own desired mode of operation.  The first problem with three point slings is that they are fixed to the weapon and have to be physically unassembled from the weapon for deep cleaning of the weapon or to perform weapon maintenance.  The second problem with the three point sling is that it is extremely weapon specific.  The third and most important problem with a three point sling is that it has the unnecessary webbing running along the side of the weapon which can interfere with the weapons mechanics as well as block the magazine well.  

Looking at any three point including ours, you will see that it still connects to the weapon in two points.  With our setup, when you slide the prussik to the rear to make it into a single point sling configuration, you still have that excess and unnecessary webbing along the side and front of the weapon.

Looking at our Enhanced RUSH Sling or our URBAN SENTRY HYBRID Sling, you connect to the weapon more efficiently as well as the sling and adapters can be removed from the weapon rapidly for cleaning, maintenance, or storing the weapon in the safe with all of its brothers and sisters without having to drag the sling across the other weapons and knock them over.  It just makes sense to remove the sling from the weapon by unplugging the sling from the weapon adapters, leaving the weapon adapters connected to the weapon specific sling attachments and store the sling outside of the safe.  This also allows the tactical operator in Law Enforcement, or the Military, as well as civilian shooting enthusiasts to train and utilize one sling on many different weapon platforms.  This allows police departments and military armories to streamline their purchasing as well as their equipment by issuing one sling out and having it used on many different weapon platforms.  This not only save money, it saves on time for training and re-familiarizing yourself with a specific weapon and a sling that you are not used to. You simply use the sling that you have trained with and plug it into the weapon.  

For all of these reasons, we have decided that we will stop production on our version of the 2’ wide body three point slings with exception to our pistol sling.  We appreciate your support and hope that you see that the three point sling has served its time and is no longer a viable sling system to get the most out of your weapon.  We are confident that our E-RUSH Sling system is the best way to go as it connects to the weapon at two points in the same locations three point slings, do, but has more adjustment, as well as more utility of manipulating the weapon around multiple threat zones, securing it better when not in use.


Please watch the videos below to see the benefits of our E-RUSH Sling and URBAN-SENTRY HYBRID Sling systems.  You can go to the two point or single point sling pages to get these slings, or just search E-RUSH in the search field at the top right of our website.







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    2nd Urban Sling Also Excellent

    Posted by Cobra44Magnum on Jan 9 2015

    Basically the same story as the other Urban sling purchase;

    A friend of mine recommended getting slings for my 2 AR-15s and was adamant about buying them from Urban-E.R.T. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. There may be less expensive options out there but I believe that the high quality product combined with the excellent customer service of Urban is well worth the difference.