6 Round Shot-Loader mini bandoleer for 12 Gauge Shells for the single rifle magazine pouch

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The 6 Round Mag Pouch Shot Loader is the best way to transition to a shotgun without having to reset the kit on your outer tactical vest. If you have a single rifle magazine pouch on your vest, you can simply remove the magazine, and insert the mini Shot Loader Bandoleer into the pouch. If your pouch has a drain grommet in the bottom, you can secure the Shot Loader to the bottom end of the pouch via the 5-50 cord by running the cord through the hole, and tieing it into a knot. The opposite end of the Shot Loader has a cinch strap and a weapons catch adapter that you can secure to any where on the vest so that once you pull the tab to remove the Shot Loader from the pouch, you simply plug the cinch strap into the weapons catch adapter then cinch the strap down to pin the Shot Loader to your chest for rapid access to your 6 rounds. This is perfect for breachers and specialty munitions. You can also simply tie the 5-50 cord to the PALS Webbing of your outer tactical vest and secure the other end via the weapons catch adapter to you vest as well for a more semi-permanent solution. (This does not work in the Kangaroo Style, Shingle Style pouches with the elastic cord on top to maintain the magazine in the pouch)