BERETTA Cx4 STORM with Cx4 Storm Adapter & MASH Clip and Optional RSA

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This package contains the URBAN SENTRY sling which is displayed in the photo as a single point configuration, but it can be converted into a two point configuration as well. It comes with the rear Cx4 Harness Adapter, and an MASH Clip Adapter. The MASH Clip Adapter can connect to an optional Magpul RSA by selecting yes in the option drop down window.


This video demonstrates our E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit.  Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter.






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    Finally a military grade sling

    Posted by Kerry on Mar 3 2019

    Great job guys, well worth the money for a great sling.
    Easy install, fantastic on getting from slinged position to on target.

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    Excellent Product

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 7 2018

    Prompt service, quality craftsmanship, and an excellent configuration the CX4's somewhat unusual design. Highly recommended.

    Cheers from Canada.

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    Great product and great service

    Posted by Darius on May 22 2017

    Product is 1st rate and perfect fit. If you own a CX4, this is your sling.

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    Cx4 Design Works Well

    Posted by Scott T on Feb 6 2017

    The way this sling attaches to the Cx4 works well and appears to be the best option out there. I was looking for a single point sling and it was a nice bonus to end up with an easy conversion to 2 point. It is high quality product with durable adjustments that would be easy to operate under stress. They have great Youtube support videos to get you started, because it is a bit confusing when you pull it out of the package. It would have been nice to have these slings 6 years ago when I really needed it.

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    Tactical Rifle Sling Choice

    Posted by James Showalter on Oct 30 2016

    I purchased the Urban ERT tactical 2-pt/1-pt sling after looking at many different options for my CX4 Storm rifle. This is my 1st truly tactical rifle which I bought to have the versatility of using similar ammunition for a long gun and my side-arm. I have previously owned an AR-15 but did not have a sling optioned for the rifle. The Urban ERT sling is very user friendly and having the ability to use it in 2-pt or 1-pt carry is ideal. The sling length adjustment with tensioning capability is very nice. I found the video demonstrating the use of the sling to be the selling point for why I purchased it. If I was dissatisfied in any way with this purchase it is a result of the video. The only thing that I felt should have been better explained was what was required to accommodate all of the options shown on the video. I purchased the entire recommended options offered as part of my original purchase including the sling, the mash clip close quarter adapter, the mag-pull rail sling mount for my rifle and the speed loop weapons catch. The only thing that I did not get that was needed for all of the options illustrated in the video was the ability to connect the front of the rifle to the speed loop weapons catch. What is needed is one more male connection point on the front of the rifle to secure it to the speed loop weapons catch. This could have been accommodated by pointing out that it could have been accommodated by use of the (0-26) GT MilForce Swivel Adapter or numerous other options. Don't get me wrong - I am impressed with the sling (top-quality, versatile, effective). But I came into it blind without knowing what I needed and the video led me to believe that I was purchasing everything required to use it 100%.

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    Great Sling

    Posted by Gary Anderson on Oct 17 2016

    I really like the sling. Easy to assemble once I viewed all the videos. Glad these guys make for Beretta CX4. Thanks for taking time to do videos in difference between sling 1 and 2 point.

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    Best sling out there for te CX4 Storm!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 9 2015

    Very high quality materials, very sturdy attachment. I bought this at the advise of a friend, Daryl Tumbleson, and am not disappointed! Anyone who is a fan of these great carbines, join us on the Facebook page: "Beretta CX4 Storm lovers united!"

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    A Quality Design With Quality Construction

    Posted by Daryl Tumbleson on Nov 14 2015

    We put this setup on my wife's CX4 9mm and it works great. The quick adjustment in the sling allows her to quickly get her rifle out of the way if she needs to go to pistol. It is just as quick for her to holster the pistol and put the CX4 back into action. Great setup. I am thinking about one for me now. I called and talked to Matt before ordering and he took the time to help me understand the product, options etc. I found Matt to be a stand up guy and a patriot. I highly recommend his products.

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    great quality product

    Posted by Felix on Sep 18 2014

    The sling arrived within the usual 10-14 business days to Canada. The product looks to be made of high quality and the design is great. I can't wait to use it at the range for 3-gun. The sling is very comfortable without any 'bounce' of the weapon when mounted. I would suggest 2 things that would give my rating an additional star:

    1) my purchase was missing the RSA attachment upon arrival. Though the response from Urban ERT was prompt and their corrective action to send out the missing item was quick, it would be great if there was a checklist or packing slip indicating which items were shipped / back ordered.

    2) have an easily accessible short video online on how to adjust the sling for 1-point and 2-point use. I found a couple of videos online showcasing the item at SHOT, but it might have been easier to have that link or video embedded into the website.