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This revolutionary sling quickly converts into either a Single Point Sling or a Two Point Sling.  It allows the operator to choose which configuration will suit them best.  The One Point Sling configuration is more beneficial in urban areas where increased weapon articulation is needed, where as the Two Point Sling configuration will work best in rural areas with open fields of fire. The conversion can be completed in less than a minute.  This sling can be installed onto any weapon system.  The main sling body is universal to all weapons.  What makes this sling specific to each weapon system are the adapters that connect to the weapon.

Applied to any weapon with front and rear sling attachments, the 2” URBAN-SENTRY in one point mode will secure your weapon to a single location on the weapon.  The Cinch Strap will allow the weapon to remain tight against you while not in use and centrally located for consistent deployment.  In Two Point mode it will secure your weapon similar to common 3 point tactical slings, but without the excess webbing that runs along the rifle.  The weapon will remain tight against you while stowed, however it is ready to be deployed in an instant.  To engage a threat in Single Point mode, simply roll the weapon up into your shoulder.  To engage a threat in Two Point mode, quickly un-cinch the sling and roll the weapon up into your shoulder.  To remove the sling, simply grab the Dynamic Break Away Strap Lock, turn it perpendicular to the webbing and allow the webbing to slide freely, which loosens the URBAN-SENTRY to your pre-adjusted length.  To re-cinch the sling, simply grab the folded Cinch Strap Locking Tab, and cinch it down.  The ability to secure the weapon tight against your torso during hand-to-hand combat is a critical factor when choosing a sling, especially in rural areas.  If you are alone, and your backup isn’t close, the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling configured into Two Point mode, or into Single Point mode with the optional Weapons Catch Adapter (0-16) will secure the weapon tightly for better weapon retention.

This sling also benefits snipers, scouts, and hunters, which have to climb obstacles to get into position.   In the event that a secondary weapon transition is necessary, the slung weapon will fall consistently to the center of your chest when tight around your torso while in Single Point mode, or if in Two Point mode to your off hand side, barrel pointing down, ensuring a clear path to your secondary weapon.

The best feature about the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling is the ability to convert it from a Single Point Sling to a Two Point Sling. You will have peace of mind knowing that your sling has the versatility of both types of slings.

 The URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling configured as a One Point or two point is totally ambidextrous, and adjustable to fit over any amount of gear or just a t-shirt with just one pull of the Cinch Strap adjusting strap lock. Our modular sling system has a unique method of converting the sling from a one point right hand shooter's sling to accommodate the one point left hand shooter as well. This is easily accomplished by un-assembling the locking speed tab webbing on the elastic side of the sling, and flipping the "Ambi-Ring Assembly" around, and reassembling it to the opposite side, pointing the male buckle to the right for a right hand shooter, and to the left for a left hand shooter.  Setting the sling up in Two Point Mode for left hand shooters is easily accomplished by simply installing the front and rear modular adapters onto the right side of the weapon.

The URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling comes standard with a Side Release Buckle Break Away as well as a Dynamic Break Away strap lock with pull lanyard to enable the emergency breakaway of the entire weapon system should any issue of sling or weapon entanglement arise. We have specifically chosen the ITW Military Products Ghillitex IR Reducing hardware that has an approximate breaking strength of 200-300lbs depending on the specific component in order to prevent the operator from becoming hung up on an obstacle, and not being able to manually break away. If this were to occur, one of the pieced of hardware would likely break under the operator's weight or shock load, and free the operator. If this occurs, simply return the sling for free repair or replacement ITW Military Products Ghillitex IR Reducing Hardware is more than sufficient to support the weight of any man portable weapon system.

The Dual Elastic Expander absorbs the shock that you might experience from the weapon being dropped to transition to your sidearm or while climbing over obstacles as well as allows the operator to not be constricted by the sling.  Unlike bungee slings, when URBAN-ERT Slings are worn correctly the Elastic Expander is located under the reaction side arm horizontally to prevent weapon bounce which can cause facial injuries.

If the need arises to fire the weapon from a non traditional shooting stance, the URBAN-SENTRY configured as a one point sling will provide the tactical operator more freedom to conceal their body at a safe standoff distance behind cover while engaging the target and limit exposure.

Any weapon from your arsenal can be safely and rapidly deployed or stowed, eliminating timely sling selection and adjustment to the needs of a wide range of missions. 

We take great care to source all of our materials to assemble a superior product. All of our Military-Spec IR Compliant webbing and hardware is 100% Made In USA and Berry Amendment compliant using the latest in IR reducing technology. We use the following MIL-SPEC Materials and Hardware on all of our products.

  • ITW Ghilli-Tex Military Products - IR Reducing hardware.
  • Bonded #69 thread to hand make all of our products in house.
  • Military Spec 2” and 1” wide A-A-55301 Type III (Mil-W-43668) IR Compliant webbing.
  • Military Spec MIL-W-5664 Type-II Class-1 2” Elastic.
  • We use only authentic proprietary licensed camouflage webbing prints from Crye-Precision, Kryptek, Hyde Definition, ADS, & Brookwood.  We do NOT use fake or replica knockoff camouflage prints.  We keep this shit real!
  • We are also a member of Fortress America, which requires that every ounce of the products that we manufacture to be Made in the USA.  WE DO NOT COMPROMISE ON OUR RAW MATERIALS, EVER!

This video demonstrates our E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit.  Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter.



  • 5
    Hybrid Sling

    Posted by Donald Beeler on Mar 30 2021

    These slings are legit. From materials used to ease of function, they are absolutely worth every penny. (That Made In America tag is sweet, not just that but they’re made right here in Indiana!) I paired mine with the offset QD mount and it’s awesome. I will definitely be ordering more products from this company!

  • 4

    Posted by Michael Victorian on Mar 16 2021

    Only 4 stars because I haven't had time to use it. Fast shipping, excellent quality stich, hardware sold. Excellent value. Made in USA , Veteran owned. THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  • 5
    Nice Sling

    Posted by Alexander Gonzalez on Mar 8 2021

    Sling fits real good, mounting hardware is simple and effective, I would definitely buy again.

  • 5
    With a little review this sling performed better than I am used to and is very comfortable

    Posted by John Murphy on Dec 8 2020

    I expect this system to do very well . I feel its quality will market itself . I started my time in the Marine Corps with the M-14 and we transitioned to the M-16 later . In my civilian shooting I am more long range , but have enough experience (and slings) to say this is the best tactical sling .

  • 5
    Best Tactical Sling!

    Posted by Nick V on Oct 28 2020

    I now own 4 of these and they are by far the best tactical slings I’ve ever owned or could find. Going from two to single point carry is really easy and it’s great to have this option when carrying either one of my ARs or even a tactical shotgun. I would highly recommend this sling if you’re looking for a high quality, easy to use tactical sling and want the option of carrying your weapon 2 point or single point. Plus, they’re in Indiana so made in America! Real nice guys to deal with too as I had a bunch of questions presale that they answered quickly.

  • 5
    Hybrid Sling

    Posted by COL Bob Cutajar, US Army (retired) on Apr 28 2020

    Urban E.R.T. Slings makes the single-best 1-point and 2-point slings available anywhere. While I have a dedicated sling for each long gun, the ingenious weapons adapters made by Urban E.R.T. allow one sling to mate with every different kind of weapon you own...and a 2-point sling can quickly and easily convert to a 1-point sling if the mission so dictates. The slings are fully adjustable, are comfortably wide, have a robust and cleverly-dedigned shock absorber...and can be made in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns. Great design, excellent adaptability, made in the USA and are family-owned...with exceptional customer service and lots of training videos, as well. They are the only slings I've used in about half of my 40 years of military service, including 9 combat deployments. They've never let me down and, without hesitation, have my highest recommendation!

  • 5
    Great Slings

    Posted by JC on Apr 17 2020

    I've bought quite a few of these through the years, I put one on a different rifle even though you only need one and different adapters. They're well made and high quality, multiple ways to get out of them is also a plus. I've recommended these to many friends and they love them as well. Beats any sling on the market for versatility, no comparison hands down. I've got one that I've used for many years now that's still going strong. 12 years to be exact. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • 5

    Posted by MB on Jan 28 2020

    My third sling from Urban in last 5yrs
    I have others butt these are my favs.
    Sturdy as hell,and the options are outstanding.
    I don't belive anything comes close to the value of these slings.Like my Blue Forces butt these suit me better.
    The free shipping was much appreciated too.
    Thank you.
    KAG 2020

  • 5

    Posted by Marc on Jan 15 2020

    Best slings and price anywhere.
    Made in America makes it all that much better
    My third purchase butt not my last