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0-07 MASH Hook (Metal All-Purpose Snap Hook) C.Q.A. (Close Quarter Adapter) The MASH Hook C.Q.A. is made out of 5625 Mil-Spec 1” tubular nylon, a 1” male ITW Ghillitex IR Reducing side release buckle, a 1” black steel ring, and a matte black phosphate coated MASH (Metal All-purpose Snap Hook) gateless snap hook. The MASH HOOK C.Q.A. was designed to work with our URBAN-SENTRY Sling in single point mode to connect to a weapon with any loop attach point. It allows the weapon to hang at a higher position for CQB operations. The MASH HOOK C.Q.A. also includes an elastic webbing cover to aid in silencing any metal to metal contact. The MASH offers an alternative to the HK-style snap hooks in common use for sling systems. The MASH is constructed from a one piece 1” stamped stainless steel plate. Pressing on the thumb tabs in the middle separates the two rings, allowing the MASH to be slipped into any loop attach point. It's simple to use and more secure than the HK-style snap. The MASH Adapter also includes an elastic webbing cover to aid in silencing any metal to metal contact. The MASH Hook C.Q.A. is available in black, od-green, foliage green, and coyote tan.


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    CQA W/Mesh Hook

    Posted by Dan on Jul 18 2014

    I require nothing less than perfect serviceable equipment for my service rifle and job.

    The sewing on the CQA is very well done. It reminded me of the military equipment I used in the US Army.

    I purchase a Urban single point sling from a friend that was no longer using it (desk Job). The materials used and the stitching are quality stuff. I then purchased an extra CQA w/mesh hook and mesh hook adapter to make the sling work for me.

    I can now configure my sling to One Point or two point depending on the mission statement. I can now secure my weapon to my side and go hands on...or hand gun.
    Fast shipping...quality made sling and extras...whats not to like....D.