CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine E-RUSH Sling kit

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This package contains the E-RUSH sling kit for the CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine which is displayed in the photo as a Two Point configuration, but it can be rapidly transformed into a Single Point configuration as well for the CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine.

This revolutionary CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine Sling also quickly converts from a TWO point sling to a ONE point sling and is far superior to any other on the market. It allows the operator to choose which configuration will suit them best. The ONE point sling configuration is more beneficial in urban areas during MOUT operations, where as the two point configuration will work best in rural areas, on TCP’s or sentry duty. The conversion can be completed in less than a minute. The E-RUSH CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine Sling is a totally ambidextrous one point and two point sling. The US2 features a 2" wide main sling body which affords the operator a lot more comfort over longer periods of carry. Unlike the 1" & 1-1/4" slings that tend to cut into your shoulder and neck. The E-RUSH CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine slings use either 2" wide nylon MIL-W-AA55301 webbing which evenly distributes the weight of the CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine. The URBAN-SENTRY series of slings also utilize 1" nylon MIL-W-AA55301 webbing. The main sling body is universal to all weapons. What makes it specific to each weapon system are the Adapters that connect to the weapon. The CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine E-RUSH sling utilizes the Speed Loop Male Webbing Adapter on the rear sling attachment, and the MASH Clip Adapter connected to the front sling loop of the CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine.  The CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine E-RUSH Sling can also be rapidly transformed from a two point to a single point sling without having to remove the sling by unclipping the MASH Clip Adapter from the front of the weapon and clipping it to the built in Speed Ring Adapter.

Applied to any weapon with front and rear sling attachments, the E-RUSH Sling will secure your weapon similar to common 3 point tactical slings, but without the unnecessary excess webbing that runs along the rifle. This modular design allows the sling to be attached to any weapon system using the various URBAN-E.R.T. Adapters. Each standard hybrid sling kit comes with two Adapters of your choice, one for the front, and one for the rear. The weapon will remain tight against you while stowed, however is ready to be deployed in an instant. To engage a target, simply grab the “Cinch Strap-TM" Strap-lock, turn it perpendicular to the webbing like a bow string, and slide it to the rear over the webbing to rapidly release the sling to its pre-configured length. To re-cinch the sling, simply grab the “Cinch Strap-TM” sewn tab, and push it away from you. The ability to secure the ACZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine tight against your torso during hand to hand combat is a critical factor when choosing a sling, especially in rural areas. If you are alone, and your backup isn’t close, the E-RUSH CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine sling configured as a two point sling is for you. This CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine sling also benefits snipers, scouts, and hunters, which have to climb obstacles to get into position. In the event that a secondary weapon transition is necessary, the CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine will fall centrally located, barrel pointing down, ensuring a clear path to your secondary weapon.

  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made with MILSPEC MIL-55301 Webbing
  • Made with IR Reducing ITW Military Products hardware
  • Modular single point and two point design
  • 100% Ambidextrous

This video shows you how to install the webbing adapter onto your CZ BREN's webbing slot.  The slots on the BREN are really narrow but this will fit just fine.


This video demonstrates our E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit. 



MADE IN USA Lifetime Warranty.


  • 5
    Highly customizable for the Bren

    Posted by M1 Paul on Sep 16 2020

    Liked the ability to change from single to 2 point. Loved that it's built in the US by veterans. The switch is quick to do. I actually am trying it different than the instructions thanks to the customization. The Mash clip is a awesome simple and tough design. I opted to use another speed loop double locking adapter on the front of the rifle instead of it though to have a smaller lighter adapter on front if I switch to 2 point. Also, I prefer the buckles to change from single to 2 point instead of the Mash clip. By using the ambi-ring assembly instead of the speed ring that came on it I can do this. And if my idea turns out to be stupid, I can change it back. This customization is what makes it awesome. I am 5'10" 190# and in a t-shirt, I adjusted the tri-glide buckle almost as short as it would go. Plenty of room for a jacket or layers while hunting. I bought adapters for my shotgun and my other go to guns, my Inland M1A1 carbine and M1 Garand. Because of the the location of the rear M1A1 sling point, will not hang straight down in single point mode but at least it's plenty out of your way to not hit your knees when you walk. If you want it straight, use PRW on the pistol grip or a PRS on the wire stock. The PRW adapter works great on the Garand.

  • 5
    Rush sling

    Posted by Russell on Jul 18 2020

    To start with the shipping is fast 2 to 3 days from the time you click order now. By far the baddest slings on the planet I have ordered six if it says in stock they are in stock not like your typical ordering process when you order something that says it’s in stock and it’s not their website does not lie they are straight up legit top-notch quality.

  • 5
    This is one of the better slings I've ever bought.

    Posted by Jonathan on Jun 29 2019

    I bought this for my Cz 805 Bren S1 rifle. It was a bit confusing at first, I called their customer service number and the gentleman was very accomadating and very friendly. I had to order another piece for the sling, only because I wanted webbing to hold the sling in place and not the metal clip. The clip does bend out of shape once applied (at least for me), it easily bends back.

    Once I played with the sling a bit and got more acclimated. It's one of my favorite slings ever. Watch the YouTube video on it and the you can learn how to maneuver it around to a one point, two point or three point sling. Great product and very comfortable to wear.

  • 5
    comfortable and and well thought out

    Posted by Tony Coulombe on Mar 15 2019

    I just recently bought this sling for my CZ 805 Bren. It's a great sling option for anyone looking. It is a super solid in its build. Very functional in its use as well. Admittedly, I'm not someone running a bunch of hard drills or in a profession that would. However, this is no cheaply made item. I feel confident that this sling will hold up for a long time. The width makes it really comfortable. I love the adjustable strap. Really quick and easy to tighten and bring my rifle in closer when I'm not shooting. Great product, would highly recommend.

  • 5
    bren owners this is for you

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 5 2017

    This sling is awesome. Allows you to easily transition from rifle to pistol very quickly. And is very comfortable, and not bulky.