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This sling is designed to be a supplemental sling to any of the URBAN-ERT main battle slings. It comes with one Weapons Catch Adapter-16. The current video below will show you the basic concept of the sling, however it depicts the previous version of the SIM Sling. The Dynamic Break Away SIM (SWAT/IOTV/MTV) BRIDGED SLING-TM is basically a single point sling which is designed to be attached to both shoulders of an operator's ballistic (SWAT), IOTV, MTV, LBV, or PALS style vest or plate carrier WITH PALS/MOLLE Webbing on the SWAT vest. This configuration evenly and VERY comfortably attaches an M4, AR15, or any other weapon to your vest in a single point configuration, perfect for MOUT operations, yet positioned perfectly to remain on your ballistic vest while mobile in a vehicle or aircraft. This Sling can also support a ballistic shield to the body armor which will all but eliminate premature arm and shoulder fatigue on long operations. The Universal PRS-03 should be selected for this application which will attach to the shield's center carry handle/bar. It conveniently attaches to most ballistic vests with PALS/MOLLE system. It is long enough to be placed just about anywhere on the vest. It is recommended however that you run the webbing though the PALS webbing on the back of your vest. You are able to cinch the weapon more towards either side of your ballistic vest, or leave it in the center. The Dynamic Break Away S.I.M. SLING-TM eliminates having to readjust or maneuver your main URBAN-ERT Main Battle Sling to fit over your IOTV, MTV, or ballistic vest and its gear. To get out of your ballistic vest, simply separate the bridge, or pull the 5-50 cord pull lanyards on either shoulder. It is perfect for modular breakaway tactical vests for waterborne operations. *A* Regularly $79.25, you save $18.00. Security Multi-Kit contains the following adapter Attachments; (1-HK-Clip-01, 2- Webbing Adapter-15, 1- QUICK DETACH Swivel Stud-04, 1- UNIVERSAL P.R.S.-03, 1-Universal PRW-30, 1- MASH Hook Adapter-02.



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    Solid Sling System

    Posted by Unknown on May 15 2018

    This is my second purchase of this sling system. Been using the first one on my P.I.G. plate carrier for several years. Works great. Using the new one for a lo-pro setup. Recommend.

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    Last sling I'll ever need

    Posted by Harvey Frederick on Apr 24 2018

    I just purchased The DBA Sim Sling. I own a box full of single and double point slings and have never been completely happy with them. They don't keep the weapon directly in front of me and either want to twist it to the side or are very uncomfortable on my neck and feel like they are choking me. This eliminates all of that. Holds it in the middle of my body regardless of what I'm doing and is very comfortable. The company is also pro military, police and EMS.

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    The Best Plate Carrier Sling

    Posted by Ken on Oct 30 2017

    I first used this product while i was in Afghanistan and loved it. I was able to quickly attach it to my plate carrier or take it off and connect it to my single point sling while in the FOB. This is the only sling I will use while wearing any kind of protective gear.

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    Comfort, Security and Adaptability

    Posted by Rich on Jul 30 2014

    I'd been eyeing this sling for quite some time and I finally broke down and placed my order. I'd noticed this sling on the the vests of a few guys at work and after asking about their's, I was assured I'd absolutely love it. When the sling arrived, I opened the packaging and the first thing I noticed was the quality of the webbing and buckles. Other than needing to remove and then reinstall a couple of carriers/pouches on the rear of my vest, installation was simple. After installing and then adjusting the sling, I tried on my vest and immediately noticed how comfortable my slung rifle felt. With my old single point sling, the sling would ride up over the top of my vest collar and end up rubbing my neck raw. When I ordered this sling, I opted for the HK hooks. Depending on the requirement, I can unclip my rifle and clip the HK hook to the rear sling swivel of a 40mm launcher, or onto Pepperball gun.