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One issue we had last year while riding on the Colorado Back Country Discovery Route on a business trip, was the slick ass mud. Once the bike went down, and it did so frequently after Groundhog reservoir even with Mitas E-09 knobby tires, it was really difficult to get the bike up, not because of the weight of the bike, but because I couldn't get a good grip on the pannier racks and get a good grip with my boots at the same time.







I could crouch down and get a hold of the racks with my back against the seat, but my boots would slip out from under me from the slick mud. If I raised up some, I could get a good stance with my boots, but I couldn't reach the racks. So the standard Enduro Getoff pickup procedure wasn't working. The answer to this when I got back was making hand held recovery grab straps. They can be attached to anything in seconds and used to get a good grip on the bike to lift it out of the mud by hand.

They are long enough to reach and wrap around any hard point on the bike including the tires, and easy to install or remove in seconds. You can leave them attached to the bike and stick the opposite end under a bungee, or remove them and put them in your pocket.  Either way, these things work.  They allow you to ride in less than favorable conditions without needing a partner to help you lift your bike.

Here is a perfect application video during a Hare Scramble Race.


  • The Recovery Grab Straps are made of MILSPEC Tubular Nylon and welded Chrome Steel loops.
  • Two Recovery Grab Straps included.
  • The webbing has a break strength of approximately 4000 lbs.
  • The welded chrome steel loops have been tested up to 750 lbs static.
  • 100% Made in the USA by Americans.





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    Recovery Hand Grab Strap

    Posted by Scott Zadel on Mar 2 2019

    Since I was buying the fender and seat straps I thought I might as well get the hand grab straps as well. I haven't been stuck enough to need them yet, but I have played with them and they are of good quality and I like the design.

    I'm sure the straps will make my day a lot easier if I need to help pull someone that doesn't have a fender grab strap or if their rear wheel gets stuck in a bad spot.