Individual DBA-SIM (SWAT/IOTV/MTV) Sling for Auxillary Weapon on Body Armor with Weapons Catch

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This sling is designed to be a supplemental sling to any of the URBAN-ERT main battle slings, as well as supplemental to the main Dual DBA-SIM Sling. It comes with one Weapons Catch Adapter-16. The current video below will show you the basic concept of the sling, however it depicts the previous version of the SIM Sling. The Dynamic Break Away SIM (SWAT/IOTV/MTV) BRIDGED SLING-TM is basically a single point sling which is designed to be attached to both shoulders of an operator's ballistic (SWAT), IOTV, MTV, LBV, or PALS style vest or plate carrier WITH PALS/MOLLE Webbing on the SWAT vest. This configuration allows the addition of an additional weapon to mount to your offhand side such as a dedicated less lethal, or gas gun. If your primary weapon is a bolt, gun, this sling will secure your secondary weapon to your back as seen in the video. Perfect for MOUT operations, yet positioned perfectly to remain on your ballistic vest while mobile in a vehicle or aircraft. This Sling can also support a ballistic shield to the body armor which will all but eliminate premature arm and shoulder fatigue on long operations. The Universal PRS-03 should be selected for this application which will attach to the shield's center carry handle/bar. It conveniently attaches to most ballistic vests with PALS/MOLLE system. It is long enough to be placed just about anywhere on the vest. It is recommended however that you run the webbing though the PALS webbing on the back of your vest far enough down so that the break away lanyard can be reached on your shoulder with either hand. You are able to cinch the weapon up higher or lower your ballistic vest so that you can secure it to your back. The Dynamic Break Away S.I.M. SLING-TM eliminates having to readjust or maneuver your main URBAN-ERT Main Battle Sling to fit over your IOTV, MTV, or ballistic vest and its gear. To get out of your ballistic vest, simply separate the bridge, or pull the 5-50 cord pull lanyards on either shoulder. It is perfect for modular breakaway tactical vests for waterborne operations. *A* Regularly $79.25, you save $18.00. Security Multi-Kit contains the following adapter Attachments; (1-HK-Clip-01, 2- Webbing Adapter-15, 1- QUICK DETACH Swivel Stud-04, 1- UNIVERSAL P.R.S.-03, 1-Universal PRW-30, 1- MASH Hook Adapter-02.