Israeli Tavor URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling Complete kit 2-XX-XX-

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This package contains the URBAN SENTRY sling which was designed for the Israeli Tavor. It connects the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid sling to the Tavor using the same method as the Israeli military. It uses the Uni-cord adapter for the front sling pin and the rear stock sling hole. You simply route the supplied 5-50 cord through the front sling pin and tie it off. For the rear of the stock, you route both ends of 5-50 cord through the rear stock sling hole, then tie it off to the opposite side. This allows for a low profile tight sling attachment point to the weapon. This Tavor sling kit can configured for either a one or two point carry.


The following video is a customer review on the URBAN-SENTRY Tavor Sling.  The sling for the Canadian version with the parachute cord adapters and USA version with the Push Button QD adapters is the exact same.  The only difference in the kit, are the adapters that are specific to the versions of the rifle.  As you can tell in the video, he prefers the two point configuration, but he is able to reconfigure the sling into multiple configurations for the sake of the video.  The URBAN-SENTRY Sling kits are very versatile, completely modular and can literally be configured to any weapon in any fashion that you desire.


This video demonstrates our E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit.  Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter.





Here is a customer video.



  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Cody Williams on Jan 26 2021

    This product is everything I wanted. It was great to get the advice I needed and would recommend this company/product to anyone.

  • 5
    Solid Sling

    Posted by Adam on Oct 8 2020

    A solidly USA made sling. Loved that it came with the QD swivels. The fact that its an inch wider does distribute the weight much better than my thinner sling.

  • 5
    Good quality

    Posted by Curt harrell on Sep 8 2020

    Very nice quality. A little pricy but being it's made in the USA and is Veteran owned I'm willing to pay a little more.

  • 5
    x95 sling

    Posted by Joshua Foreman on Aug 5 2020

    It's exactly what you need out of a sling, it's also more versatile than others, allowing me to quickly change from 2 point to single in seconds

  • 5
    URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling Complete kit

    Posted by James Boyd on Jul 27 2020

    High quality sling but due to the new design of the rifle it was about 4 inches too long. Matt from Urban contacted me and said he could fix the issue and within the same day of mailing it to him he mailed it back. I will only buy from Urban slings.

  • 5
    What can I say except that I'm amazed!

    Posted by Ricky D. on Mar 16 2020

    I am absolutely blown away at the quality of the sling, but what really put it over the top was the service I received and the speed of receiving it.
    I submitted my order close to midnight on a Friday and it came in around lunch on Monday. I've never gotten an order that fast from a smaller company, and seldom from larger places.
    Not only that, but I thought I made a mistake in my order, so I contacted support and got an almost immediate response that solved my issue completely.
    The sling feels so well made. I was skeptical about the price, but now that I've got it, it was well worth it. The swivels alone are kinda pricey, and that's if you can find them online. It really makes my Tavor SAR stand out from the rest of my firearms.
    I can't recommend this product or this company enough, honestly. Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had with a smaller company. 10/10!

  • 5
    Best Slings!

    Posted by KB on Nov 2 2017

    Very well made and flexible slings! I have one that doubles on my PS90 and my FS2000. My newest is for my Favor X95 and is awesome as well!
    Really like these slings!

  • 5
    Great Sling

    Posted by Travis on Mar 5 2017

    Love the ability to change from a 2-point to a 1-point Sling very easily, great workmanship and a must have for any Tavor owner. fast shipping (received it in a week)

  • 5
    As always - Another excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 29 2016

    I probably have 7 or more slings for various platforms. The quality is always second to none, and the service is outstanding. I received the slings two days after ordering them.