KELTEC RFB URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling Complete Kit..

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(The weapons catch adapter attaches to either your belt or the PALS webbing of the sling on your offhand side so that when the KELTEC RFB sling is configured as a single point, you can secure the front of the weapon to your offhand side instead of just letting the RFB hang in front of you for hands free activities or shooting with your sidearm.


The URBAN-SENTRY Sling as applied to the KELTEC RFB .308 cal. or the 5.56mm can be used in either a Tactical Single Point or Two Point carry mode which allows the operator the ability to mission select the way the sling is configured for any scenario.) This package contains the URBAN SENTRY KELTEC RFB sling which is displayed in the photo as a Two Point configuration, but it can be converted into a One Point configuration as well for either the the KELTEC RFB .308 cal. or the 5.56mm. For a demonstration, go to You Tube, and search urban-ert, or copy this link and paste it into your browser address bar; . This revolutionary the KELTEC RFB Sling quickly converts from a TWO point sling to a ONE point sling and is far superior to any other on the market. It allows the operator to choose which configuration will suit them best. The ONE point sling configuration is more beneficial in urban areas during MOUT operations, where as the two point configuration will work best in rural areas, on TCP’s or sentry duty. The conversion can be completed in less than a minute. The URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid KELTEC RFB Sling is a totally ambidextrous one point and two point sling. The US2 features a 2" wide main sling body which affords the operator a lot more comfort over longer periods of carry. Unlike the 1" & 1-1/4" slings that tend to cut into your shoulder and neck. The URBAN-SENTRY KELTEC RFB sling’s 2" wide nylon MIL-W-4088K webbing evenly distributes the weight of either the KELTEC RFB .308 cal. or the 5.56mm. The URBAN-SENTRY series of slings also utilize nylon tubular MIL-W-5625 webbing which does not stretch when wet as well as resists abrasion. The main sling body is universal to all weapons. What makes it specific to each weapon system are the Adapters that connect to the weapon. The KELTEC RFB sling utilizes the PRW-E (Positive Retention Wrap-Extended) to tightly wrap around the receiver just forward of the magazine, and the Speed Loop Male Webbing Adapter on the front sling attachment. Applied to any weapon with front and rear sling attachments, the URBAN-SENTRY will secure your weapon similar to common 3 point tactical slings, but without the unnecessary excess webbing that runs along the rifle. This modular design allows the sling to be attached to any weapon system using the various URBAN-E.R.T. Adapters. Each standard hybrid sling kit comes with two Adapters of your choice, one for the front, and one for the rear. This KELTEC RFB Sling kit will come with the the PRW-E (Positive Retention Wrap-Extended) to tightly wrap around the receiver just forward of the magazine, and the Speed Loop Male Webbing Adapter on the front sling attachment.. The weapon will remain tight against you while stowed, however is ready to be deployed in an instant. To engage a target, simply grab the “Cinch Strap-TM" Strap-lock, turn it perpendicular to the webbing like a bow string, and slide it to the rear over the webbing to rapidly release the sling to its pre-configured length. To re-cinch the sling, simply grab the “Cinch Strap-TM” sewn tab, and push it away from you. The ability to secure the KELTEC RFB tight against your torso during hand to hand combat is a critical factor when choosing a sling, especially in rural areas. If you are alone, and your backup isn’t close, the URBAN-SENTRY KELTEC RFB sling configured as a two point sling is for you. This KELTEC RFB sling also benefits snipers, scouts, and hunters, which have to climb obstacles to get into position. In the event that a secondary weapon transition is necessary, the KELTEC RFB will fall centrally located, barrel pointing down, ensuring a clear path to your secondary weapon.

This video demonstrates our E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit.  Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter.