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MASH Hook (Metal All-Purpose Snap Hook) Adapter MADE IN THE USA. The MASH Hook Adapter is made of 5625 Mil-Spec 1” tubular nylon, a 1” male National Molding side release buckle, and the MASH (Metal All-purpose Snap Hook) gateless snap hook. The MASH offers an alternative to the HK-style snap hooks in common use for sling systems. The MASH is constructed from a one piece 1” stamped stainless steel plate, and is manufactured in the United States by ITW Nexus/Waterbury Buckle. Pressing on the thumb tabs in the middle separates the two rings, allowing the MASH to be slipped into any loop attach point. It's simple to use and more secure than the HK-style snap. The MASH Adapter also includes an elastic webbing cover to aid in silencing any metal to metal contact. The MASH Hook Adapter is available in black, od-green, foliage green, and coyote tan.



  • 5
    Solid, and as described

    Posted by Bryan Mc on Oct 30 2020

    Solid MASH hook. Easy enough to open, but the beauty of the design is that it won't disconnect, easily. Good materials. Fulfillment and transaction also went smoothly. I'm a pleased customer. Glad to find one in stock, these days.

  • 5
    Fast hook up

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 18 2018

    Fast way to hook up and unhook your sling

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    mash clip on cz scorpion

    Posted by frank citro on Feb 22 2017

    I have used mash clips in the past and have been happy. Although this clip worked better than the snap clip I think a modified version of a QD style to fit the small eyelets of the weapon would be better. The mash clip tends to bind in the eyelets at times

  • 4
    mash clips for my PTR91

    Posted by rob on Feb 2 2016

    Already had an urban ert sling for another weapon so I purchased the mash clips for the front of my PTRs. Works great with no issues. Also, I've never had better customer service anywhere else. Urban ert is the only way to go.

  • 5
    MASH hook for rear of Benelli M4 shotgun

    Posted by Ranger 32b on Jan 14 2016

    I now have 3 slings from Urban-ERT Tactical and all are perfect for the application needed - great quality and comfort. As for the MASH hook it is a secure hook up for most applications, however for a Benelli M4 with the LE collapsible stock, the MASH hook will go onto the stock ring, however due to the hole location and rigidity of the hook, it is not suitable as it will not lay flat and impedes the movement of the shotgun. Just use the regular sling set up that has a strap for the rear stock and it works just fine. No need for the extra MASH hook to be purchased.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Derek on Jul 16 2015

    I purchased the MASH Hook adapter to complete the attachments needed for my Urban-ERT sling, that I use for work. Thank you for being the only company that makes such a reliable, quality product.

  • 5
    Perfection through Simplicity!

    Posted by Jason on Mar 29 2015

    Great piece of add-on gear for rapidly attaching sling to different platforms. I like this hook better than H-K style; it is quick and simple to use and seems tougher. Works perfect on Sig 556 SWAT w/ folding stock

  • 5
    One piece of an awesome rig.

    Posted by Nate on Feb 25 2015

    Already owning my UrbanERT sling made this purchase a no brainer. Shipped and received in 2 days. Works perfect on my AR without needing a QD back plate. Allows me to leave the QD mount on my other rifle and simply switch my sling from one rifle to another in seconds. The mash hook is very robust and I would definitely trust the connection in any situation. Another great product from an awesome Hoosier company! Keep up the good work, and see you guys at the 1500!

  • 5
    Nice Hook Adapter!

    Posted by KB on Jan 23 2015

    Purchased this hook adapter along with a rear harness adapter for my FS2000 so I could swap my sling from my PS90 to the FS2000. Works great!