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This particular sling configuration eliminates the modular side release buckle. The actual sling attachment is sewn directly to the "Ambi Ring Assembly-TM", thus allowing the weapon to hang higher. This sling is not modular, and is designed to remain on the weapon. This sling configuration still has the option of the side release breakaway buckle. It is available with the "Jumbo Button Quick Disconnect", the "HK-clip ADAPTER", "ITW MASH Hook", the "Speed Loop ADAPTER", and the "GT-Mil-Force Adapter" The sling is displayed with the optional Weapons Catch Combination kit installed on an AR15 with a single point sling plate installed on the weapon. The photo to the left shows the sling installed on an AR15 at the back of the collapsible stock without the sling receiver plate installed on the weapon. This method of attaching to the rear of the stock will make the weapon hang lower on the torso. Installing a receiver plate onto the AR-15/M4 will allow the weapon to hang higher and closer to the torso. This is beneficial when dropping to a knee or transitioning to a sidearm.