S-Rolled Gauze

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The challenge to make the best better is always a goal at North American Rescue. For our S-Rolled Gauze™ the challenge was not the quality of the gauze itself, but how to make the product more user-friendly. The solution was the packaging. Our engineers designed a unique dispenser that allows users to remove the gauze as a complete unit or as a continuous linear feed either into or around a wound. Our gauze is now a better product not because its inherent qualities have changed, but because its usability has improved. Controlled application means the unused portion of the gauze is free of contamination until it is applied to a wound. We extended that benefit by taking great care in creating a durable package that would reduce the risk of violating the protective vacuum seal. 1. Easy opening with Red Tear-Notch Indicators 2. Designed for space efficiency, portability and durability 3. Unique, convenient dispenser for controlled application 4. Used with a compression bandage to control moderate hemorrhage 5. 4.1 yards of 6-ply 4.5 in. sterile gauze compressed for low-cube storage and portability 6. Durable packaging for tactical operations *****All medical items are available for distribution within the U.S.A. only.