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The SIG-556 Pistol Three Point Tactical Single Point Sling allows the tactical operator to manipulate the weapon at virtually any angle, and around any corner in any situation on any weapon system. With this specifically designed configuration, it allows for a VERY NICE CHEEK WELD FOR WEAPON STABILIZATION. The SIG-556 Pistol Sling also allows the tactical operator to maintain the weapon in close proximity to their center of mass. While the PSRT is in the forward position, the weapon is kept nice and tight. With the PSRT slid to the rear, a flawless cross shoulder transitions can be performed to expose the minimum amount of your body to the threat, and obtain a nice cheek weld with the sling. Once the SIG-556 Pistol sling is adjusted to fit what ever kit you have on, you can rest assured that this unique pistol is always at the ready. Features: The bonus is the ability to transform this unique sling into a fully functional three point sling with only one hand in a single action. You don’t have to release a buckle to transform the sling and you don’t have to worry about fumbling around trying to reconnect the buckle with both hands. The operator simply needs to grab the "Slide Release Tab TM" at the sling where it intersects with the webbing running along the side of the weapon and pull it to the rear of the weapon. The sling is now a fully functional single point sling with some of the same features of the URBAN-SENTRY single & two point slings. To transition the sling back into the 3 point tactical configuration, you simply grab the Breakaway buckle assembly that is in front of the "Prussik Slide Release Tab", and again with only one hand, slide it towards the front of the weapon. Now you have a fully functional three point tactical sling. The PSRT “Prussik Slide Release Tab TM” has been configured to prevent the assembly from accidentally sliding to the rear under the weight of the weapon. The weight of the weapon actually aids in creating the tension required to keep the sling in the desired configuration. This sling also features a break away buckle to get out of the system all together. This sling can be configured to work with any weapon.




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    Completes Your Firearm++

    Posted by J. Cowan on Nov 10 2014

    Excellent Workmanship! 1 inch wide sling that is thoroughly stitched in all the necessary spots. My sling is mounted to an Extar EXP in the same manner as the Sig or the AK. Performed flawlessly at the range and the strap allowed for a stable "Cheek Weld", which greatly improved the accuracy & control of the pistol. This sling should be a requirement when operating firearms such as these (SOP). Would recommend this product to anyone, period. Thank you Urban Tactical for making a quality product that has added value & heightened the ability of my firearm to function more effectively….and at an exceptional price point as well! Keep up the good work!

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    Posted by Tyrone Smalls on Oct 9 2014

    This sling is fairly inexpensive, compared to the slings at the local gun shops. This sling is great. Its probably the best sling for the 556 pistol and it is easy to set up.

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    Video made the difference

    Posted by Mark on Jul 30 2014

    I received the sling and looked at it. It made no sense. So I watched the video on how to attach it and followed it step by step. The sling is now attached and works flawlessly. Thanks!

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    Only way to go with your P556!

    Posted by Scott on Apr 19 2014

    First of all big thanks to theKGB65 for the very informative video that showed me how versatile, fun and accurate the P556 can be with a sling. And to ERT for the video showing how to set it up properly. Great product I would buy again, just as the video shows it is perfect and a must have for this weapon. I highly recommend it.

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    above expectations

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 14 2014

    Once the sling was delivered it went straight onto my ak pistol (pap m92pv). The next day I went to the range using the sling as a way to perform a cheek weld which was extremely helpful and my accuracy went from 20 yards to hits everytime at almost 80 yards. The things I love about the sling is it isn't super wide.
    A's, made from material the you can tell Isn't going to need to be replaced every year if at all like some I had found that wouldn't even work for airsoft. It came with the hk clip, no extras required and the transition to a single point style back to the two point firing stance is seamless with the design of this sling. It is better than I thought I could get and it was the best price for the configuration I wanted.

    5 stars good customer service as well

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    Excellent product, superb customer service

    Posted by Roy Shadbolt on Mar 13 2014

    I now have three similar slings on different weapons. Overall these are great slings. A little complicated to set up at first but well worth it. My only (minor) critique would be to include a padded section or thicker area in the appropriate place. With increasing accessories these days the weapons can start to get a little heavy and the 1" strap around the shoulder/neck doesn't seem enough. To end on a positive not I really like the ability to secure the sling in a neat way when not in use.

    Overall this is a really excellent product that I would very much recommend.

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    nice sling with lots of versitaity

    Posted by tim on Mar 11 2014

    this sling once assembled is a great addition to the sig pistol 5.56 cal. if it somehow could be wider and more elastic on neck area i would give it 5 stars im on the bigger side of 6 ft. 259lbs and at full length i can still use as desired around my chest. a must for improved acracy on this heavy pistol

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    Great Sling

    Posted by Mark from Texas on Feb 28 2014

    Purchased the sling for my Sig P556 pistol based on a great You Tube Video showcasing its functionality for this weapon. Was very pleased with the quality and sturdiness of the Urban ERT sling, and have no questions as to its effectiveness to greatly enhance the deployment of my Sig Pistol. It's definitely a winner in allowing me to wield the pistol platform. Thanks Urban ERT for creating a well suited match for us pistol guys.

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    easy installation and use

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 20 2014

    The sling allows the user to have a steady purchase and improves accuracy. Thanks to TheKGB65 You Tube video titled Sig 556 Pistol - Just a Novelty ?showing the uses and effectiveness of the Urban Ert sling.