URBAN-Extreme Racing Team Side by Side class

In 2012 we purchased a side by side car and began racing at the TREC race in Attica, Indiana.  While racing we noticed a need for customized specialty straps, harnesses and window nets.  We were unable to find specialized webbing products to suit our needs so we simply made our own.  

As it turns out, we are quite happy with the webbing products that we made for our car and will soon be marketing them as custom products for racing teams that need custom products sewn to their specifications and not a one size fits all product currently available in the marketplace.

We believe that our over a decade of experience in webbing products and manufacturing gives us insight on what is necessary to make a solid product.  Coupled with our new found racing experience, we believe that we will be able to manufacture products for those teams that need customized window nets and equipment strapping.

Please feel free to request information on our contact page.


Below are some photos of our car #1042  from some of our 2013 races with our custom window net.  Obviously we were unable to find any window nets to fit our car cage so we made our own in a digital camo pattern.