Camo Form® Protective Camouflage Wrap

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Camo Form allows for camouflage flexibility and customization of a weapon or other equipment unlike any other product. Camo Form helps protect from dust and debris, reducing overall equipment maintenance. • Easy to Use Stretch Fabric • Clings to Itself, Not to Your Weapon or Gear • Provides Heavy Duty Protection • Quiets Loose Items and Gun Parts • Protects Hands & Improves Grip in Extreme Conditions • Conceals and Reduces Glare • Conforms to Any Object - Weapons, Knife Handles, Scopes, Binoculars, Flashlights, Sheaths, Ammo Clips and More! • Versatile, Hundreds of Uses. Finally you can bring any of your guns into the field without worrying about damage from scratches, nicks or worse! And unlike messy tapes, Camo Form leaves no sticky residue when removed. It stays solidly in place and won’t sag, even in wet weather. It conforms to any shape and can be cut and applied to the smallest moving parts. 1 Unstretched Roll: 2" Wide x 144" ( 4 yds) Long. Follow standard safety precautions when applying Camo Form® to weapons. Make sure weapon is not loaded, confirm that the safety is in the “on safe” position and point the barrel away from you at all times. Camo Form should not interfere with the safety or action of a firearm. If this occurs after application, remove Camo Form and reapply in a manner that allows for the proper function of all parts. Basic Application Instructions: (1) Start by holding beginning of roll in place on object. (2) Begin wrapping at barrel or stock and wrap towards center of weapon. (3) Always begin by wrapping Camo Form one full wrap on to itself, then continue wrapping the object. (4) Then stretch and wrap Camo Form (5) All subsequent wraps should overlap by approximately ¼ in. DO NOT WRAP MOVING PARTS. DO NOT COVER FLASH SUPRESSOR VENTS, PORTS OR CARTRIDGE EJECTORS. For best adhesion apply in temperatures above 40° F (5° C). Special Applications (1) To cover ‘unwrappable’ areas, cut and use strips of the Camo Form to cover the sides of the weapon via the bridging technique. (2) Anchor these pieces with an additional wrap of Camo Form on either side. (3) For small moving parts such as scope dials, cut small pieces of Camo Form to separately wrap small parts to allow them to move freely. (4) When wrapping the barrel, anchor Camo Form on the front site base. (5) Wrap back of butt stock to avoid shoulder slippage (see basic instructions), or leave back of stock unwrapped to allow weapon to slide into position on shoulder. Camo Form Tips • Use Camo Form to create a cheek pad. • When finishing a wrap, anchor Camo Form on a weapon component that will stay relatively cool. • Use as a protection barrier against extreme heat and cold. •Use Camo Form to wrap extra magazines. •Use multiple camo patterns to achieve maximum camouflage; for additional dimension add twigs, leaves, and burlap into Camo Form folds. Safety Precautions • Re-calibrate all weapons after applying Camo Form. • When wrapping a floating barrel, do not wrap tightly, then recalibrate the weapon upon completion. DO NOT— Wrap the suppressor tip. DO NOT— Wrap or obstruct moving parts such as the: trigger, ejection port door, magazine release, bolt stock, forward assist, rear takedown pin, safety selector, and charging handle. DO NOT— Wrap the barrel of a weapon if it is used in full-auto mode for sustained firing. DO NOT— Wrap over the sight guides of iron sights. DO NOT— Fully wrap magazines so that it inhibits removal from firearm. To Clean & Help Maintain Self-Cling Properties: (1) Remove Camo Form from object and hand wash with soap and warm water. (2) Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Storage Store Camo Form in sealed plastic bag away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Testimonials – "Great product with lots of uses for wrapping all types of gear including rifles, magazines, scopes, binoculars and tools. Oh Yeah, it also looks totally cool. Wrapping a rifle in this stuff protects the stock and barrel from scratches and dings as well as making it quieter and stealthier."-Edthro "...Great product! This is my 4th season with [Camo Form] and I am still reusing my first roll to wrap the gun every year. Granted, I only use it for Turkey hunting, but [Camo Form] does its job AWESOME!!! It's still sticking to itself as well as first day that I put it on my gun. I have recommended Camo Form to my hunting buddies and they love it too! It's easy to apply and remove without any problems. This is a must have if you need to add camo to your gun." - Long Island, New york "I purchased this stuff to wrap an airsoft gun; a hobby that my friends and I play. It is exactly what I expected, AWESOME!!!"-Collinsville, MS "This wrap is a great buy if you are like me and want to change your gun from black to camo. It's reusable as well."- Alaska "I used [Camo Form] to wrap my rifle and scope and it worked great. The tape sticks to itself so you don't have to worry about the finish on your rifle. It also provides more grip, as well as protects the gun from scratches and dings when [hiking through] thick brush."F. Houston, TX. "I have purchased this product before and have found it to be perfect for the coyote hunting that I do in Virginia. It leaves no residue on the weapon and with a choice of camo patterns, it can fit to most applications."-Bill, Palmyra, VA "Change your gun in seconds."- G. Maryland "It's great for wrapping up knife handles and sheaths and it's reusable."- G. Washington "Wow this stuff is great. I got mine in the mail today (its the mossy oak kind) absolutely no glue at all! It sticks to the gun perfectly and it's very grippy. Most importantly, it looks awesome. Almost like the barrel and stock got a perfect matte paint job. I'm buying more...."- A.S.P. "...It sticks to itself and forms to whatever you're wrapping."- Matthew W. " ...It greatly increases grip on the stock..."- C. " [The Camo Form] is very helpful!!"- P.R.