Enduro Recovery Seat Grab Strap

500 Seat
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The Enduro Recovery Seat Grab Strap is simplicity at its best.  It requires no tools other than those that you would use to normally remove your seat.  It can be installed or removed in less than one minute for bike maintenance, repair, or cleaning once your seat has been removed.  This Enduro Recovery Seat Grab Strap is made of 1” MILSPEC tubular nylon webbing with an approximate break strength of 4000lbs.  It can accommodate either grabbing with your hand, or quickly snapping a carabiner to assist with pulling or winching the bike free.  The strap is designed to be wrapped around each side of the sub frame, underneath the seat instead of attached to existing bolts.  This prevents the altering of the bike in any way.  We selected the MILSPEC 1” tubular nylon webbing not only due to it’s break strength, but due to it not stretching when it gets wet like other webbing can.

The strap is routed underneath the seat and wrapped around each side of the bike’s sub frame and secured to itself using two 1” chromed steel welded loops.  The main retention feature of the Enduro Recovery Seat Grab Strap is the 1” chromed steel welded loops on each side that lock the webbing into place by the folded and double stitched ends of the 1” tubular webbing.  This chromed steel welded loop has been tested to approximately 750lbs of shock load force without any issues.  This system has even been used to hoist the bike up off of the ground.  The Enduro Recovery Seat Grab Strap was designed on a 2015 KTM 500EXC.  It is universal though and will fit other KTM dirt bikes as well as other brands of dirt bikes of similar size.  It should fit pretty much any dirt bike.  Please call us for fitment questions.

URBAN-ERT SLINGS, LLC and its designees are not responsible for improper installation or use.  Like anything in the world that is subject to hard use during off & on road motorcycle riding, it isn’t fallible and stuff happens.  By installing & using this product, you assume all the risk involved with using this product.  We will warranty this product to be free from defect and replace it as a whole or the individual components free of charge for the lifetime of the product no matter who submits the claim.







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    Seat strap works great.

    Posted by Scott Zadel on Mar 2 2019

    I installed the seat grab strap on my 2006 KTM 450 EXC. There was a good spot to attach it just behind the sub-frame cross bar that is near the battery. The Urban ERT video indicates installing it just in front of this cross bar, but for my bike, the further back location is better at preventing it from slipping forward or back. It was relatively easy to thread the strap between the bars and plastic. I've used the strap to lift the rear of the bike several times and it works well. One note: I first installed it with the two rings provided on each side but this seemed to raise the seat just a bit. So I then used just one ring for each side of the strap and it seems perfect.