FN-P90 / PS90 URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling Complete Kit.

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P90/PS90 Package

This package contains the URBAN-SENTRY single point/two point hybrid sling. It comes complete with the rear P90/PS90 Rear Harness Adapter and the upgraded P90/PS90 front Harness Adapter. This kit comes with everything that you see in the photo.  This revolutionary sling quickly converts from a TWO point sling to a SINGLE point sling by simply reconfiguring it.  This allows the operator to choose which configuration will suit them best for the right situation. The Single point sling configuration, or ONE Point, is more beneficial in urban areas in close quarters, whereas the two point configuration will work best in rural areas and at the range. The conversion can be completed in less than a minute.


  • The URBAN-E.R.T. URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling is totally ambidextrous one point and two point sling.
  • The US2 features a 2" wide main sling body which affords the operator a lot more comfort over longer periods of carry. Unlike the 1" & 1-1/4" slings that tend to cut into your shoulder and neck.
  • The sling has an incorporated elastic Expander that only expands about 2.5" which helps with keeping the sling tight but allows for better movement without restriction.  It is under your offhand arm unlike bungee slings that bounce and can cause the weapon to smack you in the face.
  • The URBAN-SENTRY is made with 1" and 2" wide Military Spec Nylon MIL-W-55301 webbing.
  • The main sling body is universal to all weapons.
    • Made in USA
    • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
    • Made with MILSPEC MIL-55301 Webbing
    • Made with IR Reducing ITW Military Products hardware
    • Modular One Point and Two Point design
    • 100% Ambidextrous

New and improved Front PS90 Harness Adapter that replaces the previous adapter shown in the PS90 Sling video demonstration below.


This video demonstration shows how to install the complete P-90/PS90 sling kit.  The front harness in this video has been discontinued and has been replaced by the upgraded front harness in the video above.


This video demonstrates our E-RUSH Sling kit as well as the URBAN-SENTRY Hybrid Sling kit.  Not all features of the kit in the video will apply to your order if you aren't purchasing the E-RUSH Sling kit, or the Weapons Catch Adapter.




  • 5
    Great sling

    Posted by Shawn on Aug 9 2018

    Really love this sling. Very versatile and well constructed. Highly recommended. Super comfortable and lots of great features. Yes, It's worth the money.

    By far the best sling adaptor for p90. The mount is rugged and places the balance point for single point applications further down the gun making the "hang" point higher on your body (and further away from your other body parts). This attachment point makes for quicker mounting and still allows for quick weak side transition (the easy length adjustment helps).

    If you are rocking a p90 or ps90 this is the sling set up for you.

    I did move the front strap mount for two point configuration to the rear of the tri-rail rather than the front of it. This allows for a shorter distance from front to rear attachment points and eliminates any concerns of interference when inserting a magazine (although if you install it correctly on the front you should not have a problem anyways).
    And... incase you are wondering, the relocation of the attachment point did not interfere with the very low mounted optic or the light (as long as light was mounted as far forward as possible on the rail - TLR1)

  • 4
    Most practical sling I have found

    Posted by Sphynx on Mar 11 2018

    With hours sitting through dozens of different companies and a few DIY forums, I settled on this particular sling after seeing it pop up time and again by many different folks on a number of different sites and forums. I decided to give it a whirl since it was expensive, at least not nearly as much as some of the “tactical” ones I have seen people rave about. Install was easy (how hard could it be?), material seems to be of good quality (more field time needed for an accurate assessment), and it has so far been a really comfortable sling. Is it perfect? No, nothing is, but it does what it claims and a bit more.

  • 5
    Quality / Fit / Finish seems good.

    Posted by Bill M. on Dec 23 2017

    Came sooner than I expected, packaging was great. Was exactly as I ordered, and seems to be a durable piece of equipment.

  • 5
    Awesome Sling

    Posted by JP on Oct 8 2017

    Comfortable and high quality construction. Best option for a FNH P90/PS90

  • 5
    sturdy and maneuverable

    Posted by David J Mellard on Aug 10 2017

    Fits great on my ps90, highly adaptable from double single, easy to adjust, fits comfortably.

  • 5
    F-N Great

    Posted by Jay Hanson on Jun 26 2017

    THE solution to the PS90 sling problem. I tried other products, making my own, etc. Waste of time and money, should have bought this from the get go.

  • 5
    Well made product.

    Posted by Mike Lahue on Apr 17 2017

    Perfect way to complete your PS90. Great construction and fit.

  • 5
    very nice

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 15 2017

    Excellent product

  • 5
    Fits my PS90 like a glove

    Posted by De Oppresso Liber on Nov 4 2016

    Quality product. Works exactly as intended.